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Q: Which song does CNBLUE most recommend from the Can’t Stop 5th Mini album?

YH: I want to recommend the title song <Can’t Stop> most to everyone. This song is very suitable for listening in this weather, there are also many people who support and like this song. Hence, I want to recommend <Can’t Stop>.

Q: Did any interesting thing happen when composing Can’t Stop album?
YH: Nothing much during composing but I felt that the filming of the MV was very interesting. Filmed straight for two days. (Looking at JS) Almost didn’t sleep for 24 hrs, filmed nonstop.
JH: It’s the MV that took the longest production time.
YH: Yes, we filmed for two whole days. The end product was also great so felt very happy. Hope that next time we’ll challenge three days of MV filming without sleep.
JH: Better not. Why are you like this? It was already tough enough this time round [Hahahhaa, Jonghyun!]

Q: Please introduce the title track <Can’t Stop>!
YH: The song <Can’t Stop> has a ballad-y feel and an upbeat tempo too. You can feel a lot of dynamism in the song, and there is a very clear-cut transition. It’s a very dramatic song.
JS: It’s rich in emotions.
JH: “Dramatic” is a very apt description.

Q: Jonghyun, please introduce the self-composed song <Sleepless Night>!
JH: Sleepless Night…
YH: Because he has insomnia (laughs)
JH: Yes, I often can’t sleep… This song describes the approach of spring and the feeling of missing someone. It’s a song that I composed when thinking of when I was younger.

Q: What is the thing that CNBLUE can’t stop doing most?
YH: Jungshin, photography should be the thing that you can’t stop doing most, right?
JS: Yes, I’m very into photography lately and took many photographs.
YH: You obviously haven’t been taking photos recently!
JS (defensive): Lately is because….
YH: You obviously haven’t been taking…
JH: That’s because of schedules and Can’t Stop promotions.
YH: Lately, we have been focusing on Can’t Stop promotional activities.
JS: That’s really what we can’t stop doing.
YH: Hence can’t be involved in other things because we are really seriously promoting Can’t Stop 

Q: CNBLUE recently concluded Blue Moon World Tour. Which countries did you not visit but very much wish to?
[all started laughing. waeyo? hahaha]
JS: Let me start. South America concerts didn’t go to Brazil hence very much wish to tour countries like Brazil or Argentina.
MH: As long as it’s a country I’ve not been to, I would like to go regardless. We have not visited many countries in Asia but those places have many fans who support us. Hence, regardless of the location, I wish we can quickly perform there.

Q: CNBLUE members have individual Twitter accounts now. To date, has there been any interesting tweets?
YH: The response whenever I tweet is always enthusiastic. Lately, I’ve been thinking everyday what I can tweet about. But I don’t know what to tweet about so it is very hard (laughs). Should tweet whenever you feel like tweeting, but feel like I need to find some content to tweet. Nonetheless, it is still very interesting. I do pay attention to the areas that I need to give attention to. Anyhow, I am using it very happily. Everyone, please give us lots of support.
MH: Everyone, please wait.
JH: We will tweet soon.

Q: Every CNBLUE album has songs related to love. What is the definition of love to you guys?
JS: I feel that love is giving selflessly.
YH: I feel that love… is like…
JS: Chocolate?
YH: (smilingly) How do you know what I want to say? I feel that love is like a homework that you have to use a lifetime to complete.
JH: (indignant) Then I have to say that love is like chocolate! (laughs)
YH: Love is like a gust of wind? You can feel it anytime.
MH: Can always feel it, just like the wind…
JH: Can feel it although can’t see it…
YH: Although don’t know where the wind is blowing from…
JS: Don’t know whether it is from the left or right…
JH: That’s enough! 

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